Welcome, readers of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein,
or The Modern Prometheus. Mary Shelley's preface to
Frankenstein says that one of the book's purposes was
to "exercise untried resources of mind".  Tom Wolfsehr
wondered what those untried resources of mind might
be, especially when he noticed that her preface also
says that Shelley wanted to avoid the "enervating
effects" commonly produced by other novels. Here is
a demonstration of exercise of untried resources of
mind that explains the seeming inconsistencies in
Choose any of the following statements you believe
to be correct and click on "Agreed".

Victor Frankenstein created the being he calls "demon"
and whom he asks Walton to destroy. [Agreed]

Walton promises Victor Frankenstein that he will carry
out Victor's mission, which is to destroy the "Creature"
or "Monster". [Agreed]

Walton's sister has reason to feel relief at the end of
the novel, because her brother is safe and homeward

Victor Frankenstein dies at the end of the novel.

The "Creature" is about to die at the novel's conclusion.

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